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Congratulations to our 2015 scholarship winners Irina Chang and Alison O'Bryan! Rising seniors - The Lunsford/Behrend Scholarship Fund will award another generous scholarship to someone from the Class of 2016.
It could be you.


The Lunsford/Behrend Scholarship Fund honors Robinson Secondary School band directors James G. Lunsford and Jack Behrend, who taught and inspired hundreds of students during their tenure at the Fairfax, Virginia, school during the 1970s. The scholarship is dedicated to providing funding to deserving Robinson students to pursue higher education while staying involved in music.

“Jim and Jack couldn’t have been more different. Jim was a benevolent leader, a fun-loving West Virginian who always had a ready joke or hunting story to tell. Jack was a stern task master with a soft spot for Brahms. Though their styles were different, we learned a great deal from both of them about teamwork, leadership and the art of making great music. We hope that the scholarship we created in their honor helps carry that tradition forward in future generations of Robinson musicians.”

—John Oyhenart, Class of 1977